Box Butte Development Corporation (BBDC), is a progressive non-profit organization representing the communities of Box Butte County. Our mission is to “Maintain, Enhance and diversify the Economy of Box Butte County, Nebraska.”

A contractual arrangement between a public agency (government entity) and a private sector business (you).  Through this agreement the skills and assets of each sector (public-private) are shared in delivering a service for us by the general public.


  • Box Butte County
  • City of Alliance
  • Village of Hemingford
  • Alliance Chamber of Commerce
  • Hemingford Chamber of Commerce
  • Heartland Expressway Association
  • Rural Rendezvous
  • Western Nebraska Development Network
  • NeDED Talent Team
  • Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway
  • Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition 


  • Investment in the community’s economic development program – helping to grow ALL businesses in Box Butte County
  • Business logo with narrative on website
  • Member recognition on social media sites
  • New Member Investor recognition in E-Newsletter
  • Member recognition at Annual Meeting
  • Committee participation (as needed)
  • E-communication highlighting a Member Investor in each issue
  • Business briefing to the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to participate in business leaders roundtable forum and business mentoring program (when needed)
  • Participation in new business recruitment
  • Eligible to serve on the Board of Directors

You are investing in the business health of our county.

We work diligently to use the resources you provide wisely in our continuous effort to develop innovative tools to ensure our community’s success. Your participation will directly help the local economy move forward with a solid future by helping build strong businesses, which in turn create high-quality jobs. Your investment is fostering the growth and diversity of our economic foundation.